Journals of Becoming a DMOZ editor

Well I created this blog to keep track and journal myself trying to become a editor for the Open Directory Project.

Monday, October 24, 2005


noreply@dmoz - Open Directory application approved - *john doe*

This is what I have found in my inbox. (Of course it didn't say "john doe" but my username I applied with.) After hearing all the horror stories I couldn't believe it. I clicked on my email, and what did I see in the beginning of the email?

Welcome to the Open Directory Project!

Your editor login has been approved and created.

username: *John Doe*
password: **********

Editing in the ODP is a fun and interesting experience. Below are some pointers
to help you get started.....

The email gives points of how to edit, where to get information and what they expect of an editor. Now after hearing all the horror stories I read on the net, I was very surprised and pleased.

You want to know what was the magic secret that got me into dmoz as an editor?

NOTHING. There is no magic, there is no spell. I just simply told about myself, my life, what I am presently doing in my life, and gave the information they asked for, and submit the correct urls in my application for the category I applied for. I told them everything just except this little blog.

I also read somewhere before on the corrupt editor blog that the editors laugh behind people’s backs about their websites. So I log in the internal forums to check. I didn’t see anything like it. The members there are very nice to each other. They don’t make rude comments about websites or laugh about them. So in one day I found out two big myths on the net were lies.

What else I have to say? Well not much, I have reached the end of the journey. I was expecting to be denied over and over again, as you read on the internet. I guess you can’t believe everything you read on the web. I was expecting to create a long blog, bring you along with me on my journey as I struggle to get into dmoz. None of that happened. No struggle. No long journey.

Well I’m done writing today. I am wondering will I keep writing on. If I do I might just simply write about what I do daily in dmoz. I don’t know.

Well I have to say goodbye, at least for now. Good luck on your applications. Apply for dmoz for the right reasons. I’m off now, to do some editing.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Day 33 What are the reasons people are denied for being a editor?

Well I looked into my email today, I then remember about my application. I haven't received a reply yet. This gives me an idea to look over my application I sent in. I notice little errors that could have been fixed. (As Homer Simpson would say "DOE!!!")

This gets me to thinking, "What are the reasons people are denied for an editor position at the ODP?" So what I do is I once again look over the Open Directory's guidelines. After a careful look, I head over to the resource forum.

When I log on one thing I notice is that they don’t talk about specific applications in the forum , one thing that is explained is if you are rejected compare your list with the application you submitted. Which make sense, because if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong on an application, how can you be an editor?

Here are a is a thread I looked at the resource zone

That is just one reason though. There are others. One is sometimes the category that one applied for is too big for a trainee, or it is already well represented, or it is too spammy. (The category receive sites from spammers often)

I find this thread funny, a pretty ignorant guy speaks about his rejected application:

Monday, October 10, 2005

Day 30 - Wondering if my application is check

Well, I checked my email, yet still no response. Thought occured to me mabe the meta editors ( they are the editors that check the application) simply are not checking at all at this given time. Yet as I go to the resource-zone forum, I see there are a few applications that were recently checked. (Yet all of them seem denied, here are the first three)

Most of the applications are waiting to be reviewed, but some are just a couple of days, say about two or so weeks. Others waiting to be reviewed seem to have been waiting about the same time as me. One guy had to wait up to 2 months for his 4th application to be reviewed (he was finally reviewed, but denied though.)

I have noticed some of these people that have been denied re-apply four-five times. One guy applied 8 times!

Some of these people who are applying 5-8 times should just quit. If you can't get it right the 5th time stop hogging up time and let others get a chance. They must have some hidden motive to keep applying. (Even though they don't have the necessary skills) I understand 1-4 times, but 8 ?!?

I'm a editor of several directories, the most I've ever re-applied was 3 times.

Now after visiting the resource forum, I come up with some possible reasons why my app is not reviewed yet.

#1 Some people are hogging up time by constantly re-applying for a position as an editor.
#2. If number one is correct, and then you add new applications, the Metas might be overloaded with applications to review.
#3 The Metas may not be very active, or simply are not reviewing much applications (at this point of time or generally).

I've have a urge to ask about why the wait is sort of long for a review of a application, but I hold it in, and decide not to and wait some more..

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hello I am John Doe, and I want to become a ODP editor..

If anyone don't know what the ODP is, it stands for Open Directory Project. It is the biggest and most likely the most important directory on the net.
You might find some sites or forums argue that it is losing its importance, but most who give those statements are usually bitter that their website isn't accept in the ODP.

Wondering why I created this blog? Well basicly I would like to become a editor, and I plan to tell what I will experience in the process of becoming a editor, keep count of how many days or how long it will take if I accomplish to do so. Now I won't give specific details (Username, category I applied for, etc) because I don't want the myself to be identified.
Why do I want to become one? Well two basic reasons. #1 I read many horror stories from people who fail to become a editor. #2 I have time to volunteer, so why not help contribute to the best directory on the net?

Now let me bring you up to speed of things... So far I have applied to a category, I've been waiting for my application to be reviewed for about 27 days, I've check at the resource zone forum for a status check (this is a request to find out the process of your application) and I've been told by a editor "awaiting review". So now you have been brought up-to-date, let the journey begin...

Mr. Doe wants to Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web.
Submit a Site - Open Directory Project - Become an Editor